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Brain Lift Tuition's methodologies have been developed by two mechanical engineers with a passion of teaching.

At Brain Lift, we respect each student's individuality and thinking process by helping them discover learning ways that suits them. Opposite to school beliefs, "one size doesn't fit all"; there are more than one way of explaining academic concepts. Our goal is to help students discover their strengths, improve their self confidence and set strong knowledge foundations for their future.

We teach children from Year 1 to 13, so whether they’re making their first forays into primary learning, or they’re gearing up to finally tackle their GCSEs, we can help them on their way.


Key Stage 1 - Years 1 & 2
(SATs Practice)

Key Stage 2 - Years 3 to 6
(SATs Practice)

11+ Grammar School Preparation

Key Stage 3 - Years 7 to 9
(Building towards GCSEs)

GCSEs - Years 10 & 11
(Exam & Mock Preparation)

(As & A2)

Rainbow Cubes

The Brain Lift Curriculum

An Engineering Approach to Teaching

Our curriculum covers Key Stage 1 up to A-level subjects with learning material and a teaching methodology that emphasises on independent thinking.

We believe each student has a unique thinking process and our role is to encourage their natural understanding, improve their confidence and help them achieve academic excellency.

We support students looking to strengthen their foundationsimprove their performance and achieve higher grades.

Maths Tuition

Science Tuition

English Tuition

Computing Tuition

All Subjects / After School Tuition


Brain Lift Tuition Promises

Brain Lift has been committed to helping young people achieve their highest potential through high-quality tuition adapted to each student's needs.

Small Group Sizes

Our weekend classes of 4 students means that each student receives the attention they need, matching their individual learning style.

Confidence Building

We get to know our students and promote confidence in their knowledge by offering consistent, constructive and balanced feedback.

Brain Lift

We deliver specialised lessons tailored to our students, teaching them to learn both independently and collaboratively.

Affordable Pricing

Our sessions and competitive prices are geared to maximize efficiency of time and money, broadening the opportunity for a strong education.


What Parents & Students Are Saying…


Abbas has been fantastic teaching pure Maths to my younger brother. He is incredibly insightful. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a GCSE or A-level tutor.


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Studying at Brain Lift Tuition

Personalised online, home and classroom tuition that makes the difference.


Weekly homework

Past papers & mock examinations

Fully qualified and DBS-checked (CRB) 

Parent feedback

Classroom Tuition - 4 students per class

Classes set to ability

Classroom Tuition - 1 on 1

Home Tuition - 1 on 1

Online Tuition - 1 on 1


Abbas: 0780 5311 424

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