About Us

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Brain Lift Tuition was founded in 2016 with one goal in mind: to develop study methods that will help as many students as possible achieve academic excellence.

Our learning techniques lie on the fact that every student is different and has a unique way of thinking. Our mission is to help them discover their strengths and improve their self confidence.   

We believe in putting the student first by providing customised strategies that fits each one.

Our classes follow the national curriculum, with a Brain Lift twist, covering Key Stage 1 up to GCSE subjects with learning materials and a teaching methodology that supports your child's school curriculum.

We offer group, 1 on 1 and online sessions. Our group sessions are limited to 4 students at a time, to insure that every student gets the 1 on 1 attention but in a competitive environment. Our 1 on 1 sessions are held in our office or at the students' house, based on your preference. 

We offer a variety of tuition plans in monthly subscription form or on a weekly basis.

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The Team at Brain Lift Tuition

We are two mechanical engineers with a passion of teaching. We take great pride in helping students succeed and gain confidence of STEM subjects, bringing years of experience and knowledge to our work.

I'm a mechanical engineer with specialisation in aeronautics. I started my career by teaching university classes and later on got involved with tutoring younger students.
I believe that learning should be enjoyable that's why I always try to relate all theoretical concepts into practical everyday experiences. My goal is to help students gain confidence, knowledge and passion for STEM.

I'm a mechanical engineer with an MSc in Biomedical Engineering. I started tutoring kids during my university years and I never stopped. I discovered that my engineering background allowed me to find alternative ways of explaining key concepts of Maths and Science to my students. I'm trying to keep my sessions fun and educational, while making kids falling in love with STEM subjects.